mom exams and geo

Date: 5/7/2017

By deepa

so hanging round with my mom naked? its weird and we r carrying some things around all the time.. and at her workplace or smth? and r we getting like bullied? idk it was a strange n scary workplace just didnt seem right.. another dream with having some food with the Whole real estate cohort and im sitting with dan and jo and claudia is thwre too for aome reason and we dont get our food two of us me and claudia and some others for the LONGEST time ao we set forth to get some answers even tho its rly busy and once again theres this feeling that we r being suppressed or smth yakno? and idk what happens but i walk by some classmates giving positive feedback about me to our prof or tutor idk and i was very happy and so i go back to the big hall that we were all sitting but its now closed and its getting dark ans somehow its a school feeling and noones thwre but i find claudia and we go one level up to another aircon place and somwhow we r now tryinf to write an exam since evweryone else did it except us but then she wants to go piss so i follow her out cus its looks scary and lonely and when we walk to the toilet i look down n see a dog not a hound but a big huge german shephard or smth and its kinda scary and i accidentally get its attention and i turn to tell her and whwn i look back down its not there so i tell her ok im leaving her to go back to the place cus if i wait outside thw toilet for her and it bites me or smth idk i was i go back and this one tutor who praised me or whatever is sitting therw to assure me that some facil will be there soon to see me n claudia thru our paper. so im kinda assured tbat the dog isnt coming to maul me. and then the last bit before i woke up was geo being a bastard i saw him text a chick whos accidentally this pia chick..and hes cool with it and so am i until i ask if shes hot n all that and he just admits yea "im sorry but ya she has a hot body and i get horny" or smth and im like WTf? i dont think thats appropriate to tell ur girlfriend and i see her text him back calling him hottie n such and im obviously fuming and he thinks theres Nothing wrong with it which makes me even more agitated and then he just goes ahead to play somw f1 faster song sort of thing wtf ahahhha