Toffee Flavoured Cigarettes, Dodgy Tans and a Cranky-ass Mother-in-law

Date: 5/8/2017

By amandalyle

I was meeting up with the girls for a catch up and splash of wine. Robee and Laura were sat at the table, emptying the contents of their bags in search for cigarettes. We found a few and shared them amongst ourselves...only mine was an electronic cigarette and it tasted like toffee. Suddenly, I saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was this girl I knew called Claire George. I didn't really like her that much - she was a friend of a friend, really. All of a sudden, I felt really self-conscious over my 'dodgy tan'. Some guys at the bar kept sniggering and looking my way. Next scene; I was at some sort of house party and we were getting ready to go out. My friend Sophie had made loads of food for us, but there was so much, It would take us all a year to eat through it. "Why did she make so much?" I pondered. I remember eating a pink iced bun, but it was way too sweet and I spat it out on the floor (lovely manners!) There was a guy I recognised in the corner - Robee had slept with him last year. The Mr 'Ollie Murs' lookalike. Only, he wasn't as I imagined him. He was wearing a pair of jogging bottoms and kept scratching his balls. I definitely didn't want to eat cake now. Next scene; I was waiting for my mother-in-law to pick me up. She didn't pick me up in the 'usual spot' and gave me scolding, regardless. "What sort of time do you call this?!" She huffed. We then picked Mat's sister, Sarah, up and her baby 'Tilly'. She pushed the pram into the back of the car and I was surprised to see how much Tilly had grown. She wasn't even a baby anymore... a full grown adult, practically. "What is she feeding her?" I wondered. I remember feeling nervous about being dropped home because my husband was upset that he didn't get the job he applied for. Next scene; I was cleaning my best friend's dinner table and she kept telling me how it wasn't to her standards. "Sorry!" I muttered and scrubbed even harder.