big scary camp nightmare

Date: 3/5/2017

By deepa

omg.... what a huge dream/nightmare. ok so smth like im in a camp its a Huge camp fscility and im being treated unfairly..ike theyre picking on me and being racist and such..the camp organisers and leadera itself.. i think could easily have been influenced by suspiria. so thered a bakstory thing smth like me and my husband were boning on the streets its weird idk how to ecplain proper but then long story ehort we found my mother dead like few streets down and basically i kinda find out that the camp leader woman did thats the some point i actually talk to her husband about it in the toilet cus he seems like a more understanding reasonable person but hes so scared of his wife that he doesnt dare say anything against her and hes also closely followed by bodyguards who Hate me and are just out to get me... ok so that failed basically im Living in fear in the camp and its so vivid the fear and basically on the last day i kinda tell myself i gotta leave cus ive an interview at 130 so i can leave the camp earlier so i go to my room and im Terrified by thr way cus everyones at some activity far away and im the only one wandering into the room facilities and im packing my bag which is actually pretty much all packed except like 2 things. and i go out and see a guy on the sofa eating candy but i guess hes a friend cus i go hug him and say bye and hes rly nice and we r walking out and i see couple more people...but i also see shit ton of bodyguard ppl who r Literally hired just so to get to me Idk at some point geo comes to get me and im so grateful cus its So i keep pointing out that i gotta go at 130 for my interview but deep down i tell myself that i dont rly have an interview...but i just Need to get out so we r walking out and we see pearlie ew and we take a bus with her to get to another busstop with 151 somehow we abandon her cus she doesnt give a straight answer. and so we get off at some busstop? and its a Huge open place/marketplace and for Some reason its like a new camp? cus now im telling geo i wanna go say goodbye to the chief lady leader chick...even.tho im so scared and she wants me dead.. so somehow geo gets his hands on a big truck or snth and we crash into her karate class or smth where shes teaching and thats Rly scary cus wtf she could easily beat us up and for some reason im watching this scene as a camera placed on the back of the truck so when we crash in there and stop the truck beside her the camera only captures ghe karate ppl and not me talking to her/saying goodbye so idk what i even said to her ive a feeling i asked her to die or smth and at the last part when we r aboht to leave geo moves the camera towards the correct frame so its like...ok and them the truck is gone idk..and like i said in the new camp now geo looks like hes joined it and hes in a wheelchair like he can walk..but the new camp attire or smth comez with a wheelchair and im basically begging so we can leave cus now were in another wretcjed building thsts just impending doom omg idk and he wants to go piss so i follow him in and then its So much piss and its almost splashing onto me so i step out and go to the females to wash my hands and the toilwts r So creepy i actually prop the door open with my leg and wash it just a bit and walk out...and then i see a corgi puppy but i know that the witch lady or whatever has a lot of corgis and im scared cus the puppys runnig towards me but it heads into the girls toilet and comes out immediately and geos come out so im pushing him round.. ok but at some point he gets off it thankfully and we walk thru the marketplace and shits going down like somehow theres a big witch fight brewing. it looks like there were other people fighting her too and they were all doing some war cus the sky changed colour and some loud alarms and sounds were going off from ghe loudspeaker and me and geo r just hurriedly walking thru the market to get to my busstop/interview.. and we see So Many eagles in the sky and we see someone on the opposing team or smth running around the market looking for someone to participate in the war as tribute or smth and im afraid cus she madw eye contact with me and im not ready for anymore shit so i pull geo into some lion dance alley and then se realise its tbe wrong way so we walk back into the middle part and just kept walking walking. basically the last part before i woke we were at the end of the road and we r finally gonna walk to the busstop and get to this sort of existent interview. we look back at the plsce and its just a big digital like sea of waves of diff colours and geo pulls on a trees bark its weird and ot bends so flexibly and he says Yea its made of wood but it bends and i think even straps itself onto me Idk but i woke up..