Zombie Shopping Centres and Escaped Rats

Date: 1/19/2017

By TonyDreamer

I'm one of a party of adventurers, each with unique skills and abilities. We are in a shopping centre about to open some loot when we are suddenly overrun by zombies. My party members get too scared and run away, leaving me to fend for myself as swarms of zombies surround me. I fight my way through them and see another person in the same situation as me. We team up together and return to the treasure chests to claim our loot. The shopping centre is a very unique U shape. I am working at the pet shop. They have given me the menial task of sharpening pencils even though I've worked there before and could be put to much better use. I feel jealous of the younger staff there and feel I could do their jobs better than them. My friend Paul B has made everyone a rice and chestnut snack and is sat playing poker with my other friend John W. I see a loose rat roaming the area and pick it up, searching for a suitable place to put it.