Group Chats, Spiders and Reggie Watts

Date: 2/17/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

Last night was very vivid, the first thing I remember was joining two group chats on kik, I can remember seeing a load of names and faces of all the people in the groups. I was in a town at this point in time, but shortly after I woke up. When I fell back asleep however, I was parked on the side of a dead-end road that was surrounded by woodlands. My iPad was going crazy because of the group chats (yay for continuity!) and I couldn't get it open straight away because of how many messages were coming in 😅 although I did manage it eventually and just kinda shut the notifications off. The next thing that happened was pretty cool, I was listening to Reggie Watts (Check him out 👌) on the radio, he was live with the host but it almost seemed like I was the host too? Anyway, he started to play on the keyboard and me/host guy said that it sounded like Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. and so he began playing it! The weird thing here is that four people were stood around my car suddenly when I looked in the mirrors, but they weren't looking at me at all. I genuinely thought something bad was going to happen so I grabbed the door handle and opened the door a little 😅 no idea why... but they walked off anyway, they were looking at the something in the distance. Rather than join them in gazing at nothing I walked off into the woods, following a path around to a river. The rock face was all over the place here so I climbed down and up the other side, still singing along with Reggie by the way! When I climbed up on to the new path I heard this ridiculous noise from high in the trees, like if you tried to make the dumbest noise possible 😲 I actually laughed and mimicked it, but then I felt this immense pain in my hand, I looked down to the point to find a brown, goopy spider bite. I woke up immediately 😐