getting along

Date: 4/7/2017

By deepa

lot of my course mates like johan gang and im making jokes with him about some guy climbing a ladder and being his race..and later on i meet geo at star vista ish when we get off the mrt and its raining so heavy hes talking to some with my mother at some place too some bank thing..idk and im at german and talking to this brenda chick who is Way too friendly...a bit strange... and at some point im being a cashier in some post apocalyptic shit something like theres a glitch in the world..and i have a kid and a husband or smth..? and dhani harrison and lots of people are there and we r all making a lost of happy positive songs or smth and singing them maybe? its a mess.. and yea somehow theres the glitch that makesme think about sleepwalkong and lucidity but i dont quite realise im in a dream Jesus... and then theres some machine that says i need to paint this amount of walls to complete a challenge...idk so i start painting my room pink but its dripping all over and im doing the Worst possible job. and then geos there but in another room somehow and hes stopping me from doing my job and i get so frustrated and sad that he keeps touching and bothering me..not sure what happener after.