waterfall Graduated to go see cancer crystals and turn into a sim

Date: 8/11/2019

By cloudkau

i was at a pre graduation trip with Cheyenne and her sisters and other ppl and we were in a fast moving river. We had camp supervisors and it was really fun bc we were cliff jumping into the water. Next I was at my graduation and i was really happy. They told everyone to hold up their grade sheets and i did because i got good grades. It was also very difficult for me to move around i think i was in a quince dress. After i graduated, i went to community hospital to see my aunt Angela. My aunt Julie was there before me and she was not able to talk. It’s weird because my aunt Julie has passed away. I get into the room and my aunt angels (MAMA) has cancer and no energy. She’s also this girl, Karla’s mom (not in real life). I started hugging her and crying and she started crying too. I haven’t seen her since i was about 8 y/o. We started talking more and more. My dad came in and was happy to see us talking. It’s like me being there started to slowly revitalize her. I was telling her how I’m into crystals and spooky stuff. She gets up for the first time and has a whole entire chest of crystals and very tiny spell books. Next thing, we are all in a sims world with Cali chey and nay. It was so difficult to navigate through it bc it was so bright and stimulating. It looked like the one section in the movie inside out. My dad started to get mad because i was there for so long. I couldn’t find the exit and i kept trying to leave but Cali Nay and chey kept loading me back into their sims house. I eventually found the exit and woke up