A Naked Dating Show, An Awkward Party and, Yet Another, Micro Penis! 😩

Date: 7/27/2017

By amandalyle

I was watching this new dating show starring Emma Willis. It wasn't your convention 'dating show', it was like Naked Attraction meets I'm a celeb meets Blind Date! It was based in the jungle and, at the end of the show, the guests had to strip naked and meet their 'blind date!' - amazing, right? There was an older lesbian couple meeting for the first time - one with awful plastic-looking breasts and the other with nice perky natural ones. Then, Emma Willis stripped completely naked and was walking around with her 'chocolate button' nipples on display. I was shocked by how pointy they looked. I also wasn't expecting her to have nipples so... dark! She was then saying that she had always wanted to go nude on TV and she felt like her life was now complete. "Liberating" was the word she used. Next scene; I was at a house party with Liz, Laura and their boyfriends and their friends. The environment wasn't the best. There was an 'awkwardness' in the air, but this didn't stop me from knocking the drinks back. When I left the room to get another drink, Tony became emotional and started crying. I asked him why he was upset and he told me that he wanted to go home. We walked outside and I tried calling him a taxi but, frustratingly, we could only get through to foreign operators. After a few tortuous moments, we finally got through to an English-speaking operator... but, by this point, Tony had forgotten where he lived. 😳 Next scene; I had sex with my husband, Mat, on the pull out sofa downstairs. It was amazing and I came in seconds.... but afterwards his penis shrunk to the size of a chipolata and lots of clear liquid was pouring out of the top like a micro volcano. (It didn't look like cum!) I was a bit shocked.... at how small it was! His penis is usually quite large even when flaccid. 🍆