Date: 2/28/2017

By deepa

smth like im walking homebfrom the far away busstop from idk pulau ubin or smth and i look at my calendar and see that ive a job interview thingband i completely forgpt about it so i panic but then somehow make it even tho im like half an hour late and i meet this imdian lady who interviews me altho somehow im now in her house kitchen area and shes cleanimg and im telling her about myself so that she will hire me.. i also at some point before this scene go the company and meet some folks who are really nice n i do some visual tests and a whiteguy in there is sweet oh yea and im also pretty fuvked cus im wearingshorts and at some point tis lady is just hardcore cleaning and some ppl come knoxking and such looking for her kid who is i assume locked away at home cus shes sick..and these friends of her break intp the house looking for her but this mother figure kinda catches them and scolds them puts down one of the girl calling her a hoe or smth.. and them i kinda go meet geo? and ive a shirt at the busstop idk why and im walking there in my bra and when i get there i realise its my pieface shirt and im like HUH wtf... and them i think we go to this place with food and i pay some loose change for him and the person after me cus ive got coins but someone the beehoon man or whatever is racist and i argue with him over the door to thekitchen its all loghthearted banter racism but im still obv fuvking pissed. and then tony tan is there for some reason who happened to be the man behind me i was paying for and hes happy with me and mediates the situation i guess.. some other part od the dream was a big portion of was smth with a parliament and some new rule was being passed or smth and theres some real drama going down juat cant rly put my finger on all the details but when its all over im walking out with florence.