Boat, saltwater crocodiles, friendship issues, drugged

Date: 5/2/2019

By lucysdreams

So I dreamt that Yasmina owner some sort of catamaran and we were going to swim around on it. I dressed up nice. Later, she let on about 20 Burwood girls. We were all just hanging out on the boat and everyone came to one side and it started to flip. We had a lot of near-death flipping incidents but on the last one I fell off the side of the boat. I grasped onto whatever I could find and ended up in a net that was handing between the sides of the boat in the water. I sat in the net as the waves hit me face on and panicked. I yelled for Yasmina to get me out but for some reason it would disrupt the flow of the boat so she asked if I could hang on for a little while. I went with it and just held on to the net. After time though, I saw a big group of saltwater crocodiles spot me in the water. One broke off from the group and came over to check me out. I was screaming at this point for someone just to let me out. The crocodile had a name written on its side, Hitler, for some reason, I was screaming trying to get someone to help me. It bit my hand and held on. Finally, Yasmina decided to help me up. I got on board and looked at all the Burwood girls just sitting around and chatting like they couldn’t care less that I almost died. They looked at me with disinterest. “It was called hitler.” I told them. They rolled their eyes. Enraged, I asked Yasmina to let me out. I went with some other friends and bought my own boat. This time we stopped in some sort of Middle-Eastern country. I needed to get away, to be by myself in this beautiful country. I walked through markets and roads and found trees and a beautiful clearing. I started to climb through when I felt woozy. One of my friends appeared, asking me to come back. I said no. I realise she has drugged me and things start to go black as she lifts me up.