Republican Swimming Pool

Date: 1/21/2017

By boogieman85

A house. locked in the house and trying to escape. Alex and a middle age woman also prisoner. Had been locked in by an American, a Republican. I found a way out - through a skylight. Alex and I could climb (and did) but didn't tell the woman - she was left inside. It wasn't malicious, there just wasn't time. On the roof, realised we were in a massive Centre-Parcs style dome, glass, with swimming pools and lots of Republicans - it was the Inauguration of Donald Trump. It turned into a manhunt as everyone tried to find us. Against vast odds we hid in the water. Later, trapped again. A bed. We needed supplies. A man was elected to go because he could fly a plane. Nobody knew if he would make it back, but it was the only chance we had. I was watching. I went in the plane with the man who could fly. As it was time for take off, realised there was no phone, no way of looking up instructions for operating the plane.