Zombie apocalypse

Date: 8/31/2019

By MattyVRaps

I was in a really big house and i was trying to find out more about this girl. I was alone and there i saw my first horde. There was a N outrageous amount of zombies. After running killing juking i eventually found a way out. I didnt find any info but i got out alive. I left and came across this operation with a bunch of people. They wanted the same thing i did, information on that girl. I talked to the guy in charge and told how many there were and asked if some people can go back with me. He chose this guy to go back with me. I tried to explain how risky it is going in there was but he didn’t believe me. We walked around and used stealth to live. As we were walking we heard a car pull up outside and we tried to hide. This guy comes in with some sort of power armor. He beats up my friend and i hide. He finds me but doesn’t attack me. Instead he forces my to stab my big toe with a weird needle that tells him everything i know.