Date: 3/30/2017

By deepa

ok i cant recall all my dreams its algging on but the ones i remember fresh is i remember my report is wrong about some beer stats. i also text derek like im in a friends with benefits relationship with him and tell him i cant today and he checks on me and asks if im ok and if he shud come over..and then before that im preparing to go out with someone and im holsing their groceries but apparently my vaginas rly red... idk ok i rly dk.. tracking back i was on the shuttle bus with a chick and miscommunicatio ovcurred she hates me..oh something like im on a bus with tobias and he yells something i didnt quite catch but i tell myself i can googlw itmm and george michael is there like michael cera and we r outside a cburxh and he spills some magic on him cus he wants to do smth in there and he ends up flying around in the church idk.....more happened..