The One Where Cam Posts About Jen

Date: 6/7/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I see on Instagram that Cam finally posted about Jen. I’m super excited ... I’m in a small church (either for a wedding or a funeral) with pews. Renee, Blake and Caity sit together, and Brody and I sit together a few rows back. I see that Caity is saving a seat and I realize that it’s for Blane (because she apparently likes him) ... I’m walking into someone’s house through their garage, carrying a large box of something which Brody and I are apparently delivering. I see Sean and Mac (Sarah’s cousins) and realize I’m at the Millers’. I suddenly remember that I’m not wearing makeup. I quickly take my hair down and try to fix myself up. Alfie runs out into the garage and I can tell that he’s trying to figure out who I am.