A Childhood Cat, A Boobie-shaking Cashier and a Gondola Ride With Gordon Ramsey.

Date: 8/6/2017

By amandalyle

I was at what must have been my house, drinking tins of beer. It wasn't long before I started to feel drunk and I decided to take myself off to bed. It was dark upstairs and eerie too. The window had been left open and I could hear the window howling. I put my head under the quilt and started to write down my dream... halfway through, I stopped and went downstairs to get some squash. In the kitchen stood my friends, Kylie and Tony. They were drinking tins of beer and wanted me to try some more. I took a tin out of the fridge and slammed the door shut. I then turned off the light and walked out. I heard a whimper and realised that Tony was crying ... in the now pitch blank kitchen. I walked over and hugged him, but he tried to kiss me on the lips and I pulled away. Next scene; I was at this fairground. I was part of the carnival and was dressed in this funny (Indian?) costume, doing a little dance along this high wall. Everyone cheered, especially when I got to the end and did the splits over two planks of wood. Two girls beside me were saying mean things about my weight. I ignored them. They were just jealous of my skills! The fairground then went dark. I tried to light the place up with a pack of coloured lights I had bought from IKEA. As I was going around lighting up the place, I spotted a girl I used to know called, Katie. She was going around pulling out all the lights, making everything look dark again. I felt annoyed, until I noticed a new outdoors cinema was being built. It looked really cool, and I couldn't wait to use it. Next scene; "What's up with your dad!" I asked my friend. "He's so miserable these days!" "Oh, nothing!" She said, "that's just the way he is!" I was staying for tea, but didn't really want to. My friend and I went into the garden next door and were on a search for her childhood cat named "dribbleups' ... (that wasn't his real name, but we called him this because he only had a few teeth and would dribble everywhere!) Next scene; I was sailing through Prezzo on a gondola with Gordon Ramsey (who was being surprisingly nice!) Next scene; I had found a pile of secret stuff inside a tree at the bottom of the garden. It belonged to my friend kylie; it was stuff she had made for her ex husband, Nick, a long time ago - there was a 'Valentine's Day treasure hunt' and then, more bizarrely, I found a scrap book that I had made for my uncle John. My mum came over and looked through the scrap book... "But there are no pictures of him?" She said. Next scene; I was in Boots, getting some photos done. There was this flirtatious girl behind the counter and she kept giving me great deals. I was making a photo book for my husband, Mat, for when he came home (not for my uncle John this time!) 😂 and she threw in a 'slightly broken' designer handbag and miniature aquarium. I was pretty pleased, until she told me it would cost over one hundred pounds. "That's a great deal!" I lied, handing over the hefty fee. When I got home, I put the kids to bed in the garden. Maxi wanted to lie against something cold. So I put a blanket on the ground and he went to sleep on that. I was watching some strange YouTube videos about a young singer who then kept getting her breasts out and swinging them about.