Digital art, When a group of friends dressed in Halloween costumes explore a supposedly scary haunted house, they find themselves constantly on edge as they hear the haunting tune of Ghost Town playing on repeat.

clown fucker

Date: 9/12/2019

By alessbd

again i don’t know what order these went in but anyways cameron and i had sex AGAIN against the vet clinic in magnolia and i think he was dressed as a clown ...? (all of this supposedly took place on halloween) then he and madison and i went to the “worlds scariest haunted house” and i only wanted to be in it for like five minutes bc it actually was that scary. the song ghost town played on repeat inside. that was also in magnolia kinda where the haunted alley usd to be? then later i met up with davis, evan, and shintaro i think on the boulevard and i thought i was waiting for cameron to get out of the haunted house but then someone came up and grabbed evans shoulders and spoke danish so it was obviously magnus. so we hugged and stuff and we were laughing together and i said “it’s like i barely miss you anymore bc i see you so often” and he agreed. but i don’t see him that often. it’s just in my dreams. so that was a little sad.