Date: 7/20/2017

By NunoSantos

i guess you can call it still trying to figure it out but i have this dreams since i was a child.. all dreams are diferente.. but there is a comum theme or "rule" ..Every place i saw in my dreams i came to pass in real life a week later ...[once i dream about a fountain and 7 days after i did go to a house of a friebd of colleague, and there was the same fountain] [ another time i dream that i was in my balcony and the house in front chatted fire...again 7 days did!] (i also notice that more stress reduces this time at a maximum of 1 day].."Yeh! great i can dream about the next day".. not actually..the more the stress =short time delay= also less defenition.. meaning i can only recall acuratly the "feeling of the dream" that is = to the "felling in the end of the next day"... if you read this, tell me what you think in coments. i have lots off dreams to share. i remember almost all of them..