Kill Hitler

Date: 4/11/2017

By thatnoonan

Had that dream where I was tasked to kill Hitler. I'm sure others have had it. Why did I? Beginning of Passover(I'm not Jewish)? Maybe. But I'm also watching Better Call Saul. While never explicitly revealed to me, it felt like this took place in the 1980s. Hitler wore a little neon. I never got too close to him. I was supposed to shoot him from long range in the woods but it seemed like that wasn't going to work. It was raining. My parents were there and in on it too. I was also trying to get my sport coat ironed. It was a purple/blueberry color with some maroon trim. At one part we were on a giant yacht that was docked. I was manually counting the square footage of it and comparing that to my apartment. The Cubs won.