Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Rolling over and over, down the hillside slope, where you will stop no one knows.

Rolling Over & Over, Down the Hillside Slope, Where You Will Stop no one Knows

Date: 9/5/2019

By blucanary

Al was driving down a congested roadway at night near the beach w/ Q and me both sitting in the back seat. Q was both older and younger in this dream. In this first part here real quick, she's 21. The road was full of cars; to our left were two lanes packed w/ cars literally bumper to bumper. This went on for miles and miles, as far as the eye could see and then even further. All of the vehicles were mostly stopped, and all had their headlights off. To our right, it was so black we couldnt see a thing, except the thick massive gray sheets of smoke covering the entire area to our right. The sheets of dark billowy smoke started further below where our car was, letting me know that the roadway was on top of a hillside. I think we were trying to evacuate some sort of major emergency; maybe a massive fire, maybe an attack, Idk for sure but whatever it was, it was bad! We were driving along at a fairly decent speed ( I'd guess maybe 40-45 mph.. In the pitch black that's fast )! We passed a truck w/ their inside lights on and there was an obese man & woman having sex. She had long reddish-blonde tight curls w/ no bangs; he looked like he had either dark blonde or light brown hair.. It was so short on top and shaved so close on the sides that it was difficult to tell the exact color. He had on glasses and they both had on black button-up shirts. I think the man still had his pants on too, like he had just pulled his penis out of the zipper instead of removing his pants. I suppose in the middle of a packed highway that's the smart way to do it ( IF you're going to do it at all there, of course ). Pants on or off though, it didn't matter. You cd easily tell what they were doing. The womans head was thrown back w/ a look of ecstacy plastered across her face ( a dumb smile on, eyes half closed & glazed over not moving ) while the man sat right in front of her between her wide spread legs, facing her, their seat pushed back as far as it wd go to fit them both. He was kissing/sucking on her neck and "pumping" his crotch area into her crotch area ( using his arm closest to my view as leverage to push ). So yeah, it was easy to tell what they were doing. As we passed them I said, "Dang! We just passed a couple doing it!", shocked at what I had just seen. Q looked back and asked "Where?!" but we were driving too fast for her to get a glimpse. I ask her if I were to write a book like I've always wanted to do, if she thought writing abt what we were going through right then ( trying to escape a national tragedy ) wd be a good idea, if she wd read it or not. She said yes. At some point I also get a bit too silly and make a funny face while hanging my head out the window making monkey noises ( just to try to entertain Q ). It is at this point that I really take notice of the road ahead of us, instead of just on the sides of us. It is black. You can't see a thing. From what little I can make out all around us, it looks as though Al is driving along the shoulder of the road, trying to get past all the other vehicles. This is very dangerous. If another vehicle was doing the same thing, we wd never even see him and could slam right into him! That's how dark it was! If one of the vehicles on the left decided to try to pull out for some reason, we wd smash right into it, going from approx 45 mph to 0 in the blink of an eye. Or, we cd run off the side of the road, which is what started to happen. Al *was* on the shoulder, just as I had thought, and suddenly the car tilted to the right as the road drastically curved and the car went from roadway to the grass, dirt and rock of a fast sloping beach hillside. Al quickly threw the steering wheel to the left and got us back on the road. But it was only moments later that it happened again. Again he corrected the course of the car, but I said to him, "It's pitch black out here! This road is way too curvy to be driving like this! We're going to get killed if you keep driving this way!" He tried to assure me that he knew this road well enough to know where the road bends & curves by memory alone so even if we occassionally hit the grass, it wd only be for a mere second before he corrected the situation and got us fully back onto the roadway again. I was not put at ease by his words, and rightfully so, bc barely even minutes later the car once again tilts to the right as we feel the tires begin driving over the grass, dirt and rock. Instead of "correcting the situation" and getting the car back onto the road safely, the car instead begins rolling over and over again, falling off the hillside to the right. I felt every roll. I saw Al, his head hitting the top of the car every time it rolled upside down. I prayed that he had his seatbelt on this time so that he wdnt be ejected from the windshield which was now shattering. All of the windows were shattering & breaking, littering us with both large and tiny pieces of glass, cutting up mainly our arms and legs. The car seemed to keep rolling... It rolled somewhere between 6 and 10 times I wd guess, before it came to a stop upside down at the bottom of the hill (I think next to the shoreline). It's difficult to count the exact amount of rolls when you're watching and praying for your loved ones not to fly out the windows. Meanwhile next to me, Q is screaming. She is now abt 4 or 5 years old and is in one of those toddler booster seat things. As she's sobbing and screaming, scared to death, I look her over for any major obvious injuries. At first I think one of her legs has been twisted nearly backwards in the wreck, but then I see that she was just moving it herself in weird ways in her effort to squeeze out of the car seat. She continues screaming as I look her over and then begin to wonder how we're going to get out of a crunched up, upside down car before either the tide comes or the car sinks into the muddy beach sand. This is what I was doing/thinking as I woke up from my dream. This app really shd hv a list of symbol interpretations. What does riding in the backseat mean? Wait, let me guess - it means that I have no control over my life. Someone else is the driver in my own life. And I've lost so much control that I'm not even in the passenger seat, I'm way in the back. What does an accident mean? What does rolling over and over, over a half dozen times mean? What does getting a quick glimpse of a random couple having sex mean? So many questions, and maybe only one answer, lol.

AI generated interpretation This dream appears to be a complex and vivid reflection of various themes and emotions that may be present in your waking life. Let's break down the key elements of the dream and their possible symbolic meanings: 1. Driving Down a Congested Roadway: This may symbolize feelings of being overwhelmed or stuck in a situation in your waking life. The congested road could represent obstacles or challenges that you are currently facing. 2. Evacuation and National Tragedy: The sense of urgency and chaos in the dream may reflect feelings of anxiety or fear about a potential crisis or difficult situation. It could also suggest a desire to escape from stress or negative emotions. 3. Seeing a Couple Having Sex: Witnessing this intimate act in the dream may represent a focus on human desire, intimacy, or vulnerability. It could also symbolize feeling like an outsider or observer in certain interpersonal relationships. 4. Driving Along a Dark, Curvy Road: This could signify uncertainty or a sense of not being able to see clearly in your waking life. The dangerous driving conditions may represent a feeling of being out of control or taking risks. 5. Car Rolling Over and Over: This dramatic event in the dream may symbolize a sense of chaos, loss of control, or a fear of things spiraling out of control in your life. It could suggest a fear of failure or a need for stability. 6. Young Q in Distress: The portrayal of Q as both older and younger in the dream could reflect feelings of vulnerability, protection, or a desire to nurture aspects of yourself or others. Overall, the dream appears to tap into feelings of uncertainty, vulnerability, and a desire for control in the face of challenging circumstances. It may be helpful to reflect on these themes and consider what areas of your life they may be connected to. Exploring these emotions further in waking life or discussing them with a therapist could provide valuable insights and help address any underlying issues or concerns.