another mf tooth dream

Date: 8/23/2019

By alessbd

the dream started out in some giant department store in like a mall or something. someone went over the loud speakers to say that they’d lost their six year old kid and that no one was allowed to leave the store until he was found. so i was walking up to every kid i thought could be six and asking him if he was lost. then i found myself outside in this junkyard looking place and i was climbing all over these abandoned buildings to try to get a vantage point to see the kid. there was one other guy chillin outside in the junkyard and he looked all emo and was watching me like a hawk. i didn’t recognize him though. then my fucking teeth started falling out AGAIN and that kind of alerted me to the fact that i was dreaming and i was trying desperately to keep my teeth in my mouth but in the end i kinda just gave up and pushed them all out of my mouth bc these dreams are starting to get exhausting.