Date: 2/25/2017

By deepa

so quite a vivid dream but cant recall all anymore cus i didnt take extra theres some part where im on a hill overlooking a road and there r two chickens like having a cock fight and its terrifying cus one of it is Huge like maybe 3 times bigger than the other one so i feel incredibly bad.. and the last part of the dream is just me n geo messing around in his room and towards the end hes walking to his closet and i see a cockroach in his closet and he just wipes it off and theres one behind it and im screaming to ask him to get rid of it but he grabs it and gets close to me and im screaming i pull the blanket over my face and im starting to cry and he pulls the blanket down and my eyes r closed but i can feel the cockroach just above my face and im sobbing and he says smell it and then he drops it beside my face on the bed and i can hesr the sound of the bug hit the bed and thst fucking scares me and i wake up started as Fuck...oh my