The Ever-lasting Dream!

Date: 1/22/2017

By amandalyle

I was in an arcade gambling on these silly games with my son Alex and my mum. On one game, we won £7 and were over the moon. Next scene; I was butt naked in Costa Coffee as though like it was completely normal. I was sat in the corner with Mat, but I could see a guy I knew (called Mark) peeping over at me and suddenly I felt exposed. "Maybe I will put my clothes back on!" I said to Mat. Next scene; Kylie told me that Mat had been taking the kids out with this girl he worked with in Turkey. She sent me an email and when I opened it, I saw the evidence - Fanily pictures of him and this girl... my boys playing in th sea behind them. I was angry. Fuming. I had planned to meet up with the women in question and tried to make friends with them. I met them at the beach and I was being particular rude to this one girl, but she just laughed it off. Then Mat turned up and went absolutely crazy at me, and ended up slapping me around the face. The next thing I knew, I was in a woman's refuge, talking to some of the other girls who lived there and trying to cover up the bruises. I saw a girl I knew from school (Sarah) who had the strangest hair cut - an extremely blunt bob. Very unflattering. Next scene; I was sat on a bench with my mum and some others when a big family walked by. They were mostly mixed-race and had adorable blonde Afro hair. A baby's bottle kept falling out of a baby's pram and kept spilling everywhere. I would pick it up, give it to them, for it to fall over again. They then threw the pram basket into a bush. "What a waste!" My mum said. Next scene; I felt extremely horny and started masturbating on the sofa. I assumed I was alone, until I turned around to find that Mat had been watching me from the top of the stairs. I quickly rustled around a bit - trying to disguise what I had just been doing - and then switched on the tv. I caught the middle of an episode of Hollyoaks and was so upset shocked to find that Darren had been killed. I felt like a part of me had died along with him. "But they can't kill Darren!" I sighed "he's been in it forever!" Next scene; A lady from school had given me a lift in her flashy car. Only you had to remove all the doors each time you got out. "What's the point?" I thought. "She's just making hard work for herself!" Her daughter then ran out as fast as she could and we had to chase her down the road. Next scene; I was at school with my son - it was a teacher one on one. She looked at me, regrettably, and told me that my son Maxi was falling years behind at school. I walked out upset. Next scene; I was at a friend's house party. She and her husband had just found out that they were having a baby. People were joking about the size of his manhood and for some reason, I blurted out that I didn't think it was that bad when I slept with him... even though I hadn't even slept with him and think he's repulsive! No one seemed to bat an eyelid, luckily, and I ended up sitting in a tiny under-stair cupboard with Terri, chatting and drinking together (despite her being pregnant) Next scene; The party then moved to a house I didn't recognise. Mat was there now, and he was in a foul mood. There were a few guys flirting with me, and he got in a grump and started embarrassing himself. He was blatantly drunk. "There are some really dumb people here, Amanda. This is the worst party ever!" he slurred. "I'll take that as my cue to leave!" One of the guys said, and walked off. I helped Mat out of the building, while he continued to moan about how bad the party was. "What an absolute party pooper!" I sighed. Next scene; I was at very posh hair salon. Scarlett Baxter (from school) was there, chatting away. I noticed that she had humungous lips - way too large for her face. She realised she had to go back to her training and waved goodbye to the person she was yabbing away to.