projects and rain

Date: 4/25/2017

By deepa

so im lookijg at this one report thats due today and it looks so bad and only neol from the inbetweeners did it but im happy that atleast he did some thing and the rest did jack shit so im rly pissed so i try n do some work and the model in there looked rly nice and neils at some game show.. idk and basically im in some building where im not allowed to go up to the apartments with my card so i go to the bottom level caller SR and do my work there n my mother fetches me there couple of times. n this is near some school or festival where throughout the dream at diff times theres just So much of people queuing day in n out for some concert? and on the other side theres some indian concert music happening as well and its a nightmare. me n my mother are on a bus and then we see divya? crossing the road n its pouring so bad and she doesnt mansge to cross and is stuck in the middle bit and she just sits down like shes dying and the water spreads up her clothes So quick n its alresdy formimg a pool on the ground n she does a quick 1minute dive n comes up n starts walking away in some cinematographic way and im like ok.. what else happened.. um a lot but i cant remember.... somehow i unconver that someone of geos friends planned on cumming in a girl but it didnt happen and geo says do u think i would have let that happen smth like indicating that they all had a threesome or foursome n this guy didnt manage to do what he wanted to do.