Urinals, multicoloured bugs and a picnic in London

Date: 4/11/2017

By amandalyle

I was at the local swimming pool with Mat. As we walked down the changing room corridor, I saw a huge urinal with men randomly pissing into it. "That wasn't there before?" I thought. "How unhygienic!" I shuddered. I caught sight of one guy's penis and quickly looked away. The water in the swimming pool was icy cold and nobody wanted to swim in it. It was empty, except for a small child jumping in, so I made various attempts to get in it myself. In the end, I just jumped right in and it actually wasn't as bad as I anticipated. As I swam my first length, I saw that Mat had made friends with Julius from Made in Chelsea (yummy!) and the actor from 'knocked up' Seth Rogan. We were having competitions to see who could beat each other across the pool. I kept winning and I felt a lot of respect from Mat's new friends. For some reason, Seth grabbed my hand as we sat by the pool and was asking questions about my relationship with Mat (whilst he was sat right beside him!!!) "he's a bit of a dumbass, isn't he?" He laughed... "a lovable one, though!" He joked, ruffling Mat's hair with his free hand. "I do need to speak to him later!" I said. "There's a few things I'm not happy about!" When I got out of the pool, I tried to locate where I had put my clothes. They were spread out all over the flippin place. Finally, I found them and started to get dressed. Next to me, there was a granny and her cute granddaughter. She was playing on the ground. I bent down to see what she was playing with, and there were all these multicoloured beetles crawling around. "She loves playing with bugs!" The grandma said. "Oh." I replied, trying to pull my clothes on even quicker, so I could get out of there as fast as I could. First urinals, then bugs.... *shudder* Next scene; I was sat with Mat and we were discussing life. He kept speaking about this girl (can't remember what her name was?) and I was growing more and more frustrated with him. At one point, I remember thumping my fist on the table and shouting "ENOUGH!" He was saying how attractive she was and how ALL the guys on his course all fancy her. He could see my frustration and quickly added "but she's a lesbian, so it'll never happen!" I paused for a moment and replied "so if she wasn't a lesbian, you would want to pursue a relationship with her?" He stuttered for a moment and reassured me that he wouldn't. He was lying, I could see it in his eyes and feel it in my heart. I was then looking through my phone, but realised it was actually Mat's phone and that he had mine. I wondered why I didn't recognise any of the apps. When I got my phone back, I was showing Mat pictures I had taken in London. I was flipping through them, one by one, so he could see what I got up to. In one of them, I was wearing a pair of really unflattering 'mom' jeans and I had a massive 'camels toe'. I cringed and swiped onto the next picture as I quickly as I could. I was then transported to 'actual' London and I could hear my daughter Phoebe having a tantrum behind me. "Why did you leave me behind?" She cried. "Because you didn't want to come!" I replied. "I did, you just never asked me!" She snapped back. I walked on, feeling terrible that I didn't invite her with me. Maybe I should have? I then reached this iconic building (which was the equivalent to the Tower of London in my dream) and joined Mat and his friend Matt on the green. I think Phoebe had stormed off at this point? We were having a great time at this picnic, when I saw a familiar figure in the distance. It was Saleem. Mat's 'cocking little shit' friend. I could see instantly that he was unhappy about me being there, so I just blurted out that Mat and I had been seeing each other again for ages and we have been really happy. He was seething about it, but I didn't care. The picnic fell quiet and I couldn't wait to break free. "I'm going to find Phoebe!" I said, and I left the picnic.