The Texan and The Car Accidental

Date: 2/20/2017

By FalkorAlbelin

It aaaall started when I was walking my dog down the usual place along the coast, I started talking to an old friend about learning Spanish since I really should be learning Spanish 😅 a bit further down the path I came a roll a man with a tiny dog, I started to fuss his dog and it began floating but I didn't seem to find that peculiar... I started talking to the guy in broken Spanish but it turned out he was an English speaker too, he was from Texas apparently but he didn't sound it. Anyway, after a few minutes we realised that his dog started to walk away and thus we walked after it. He started calling it but to no avail, he was shouting things like "oh my god" in Spanish and was asking me why it wasn't coming 😅 this sort of transitioned into the next dream where I was walking alone and I was back in the UK and not Spain. I walked into a store and began looking around, it was full of friends and acquaintances from school, some of who were police officers. I actually got bear hugged by one person but not in a friendly way, so I bit his nose and when he dropped me I hit him.. 😐 eventually I left the store and was accompanied by someone who wasn't there before, a good friend of mine. We began driving.. home? I dunno, it was somewhere I haven't lived in 8 years and I was in the car I currently own, he was driving. As we were going down the road we saw a huge articulated lorry/big ol' truck that was going to fast in the rain. The truck went over a hill and left the ground and when he landed, he flipped. We went to the truck to see what was going on but we didn't actually get there, I actually started driving slowly to turn around the car but I crashed twice and almost hit an old lady walking a dog.. I don't really remember much of what happened after that but I was quite annoyed when I woke up that I didn't recognise all of these things that I could've picked up on to become lucid. I really need to work on noticing all of these in possibilities while I'm dreaming. Dream signs: Old friends, old neighbourhoods.