Dad raising baby Bigfoot

Date: 4/18/2019

By EarthWarden

The beginning of the stream is a bit fuzzy because it happened a few nights ago. Basically I was in my backyard and saw something across the property in my parents backyard. I went to check it out and found that it was a baby Sasquatch. He stood about 4 feet tall, had medium length brown fuzzy hair and black beady eyes. He told me that my dad had been taken care of him since he was just a baby. I looked up and saw several saucers floating silently above our property. Then my dad came up and said “ so you met the little guy. The ET’s came to me about six years ago and asked me to be the little guys warden. He’s been a pretty good little fella” then the baby Bigfoot started talking about interesting things that he’d come across in the forest, his favorite foods and other things that a child would be excited about. His voice was high-pitched and squeaky and he used his hands a lot when he talked. They were sick with little sausage fingers they didn’t have any here on the underside. My dad pulled me aside and gave me a troubled look and then I woke up.