Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Amidst the chaos of a murder most foul, a young woman's life hangs in the balance as she struggles to find justice in a world filled with secrets and betrayal.

A Murder Most Foul (ANOTHER dream of me being decapitated! WTH?!?)

Date: 4/4/2019

By blucanary

~ The dream starts off nice. I'm with Saeran (I've been playing that game too much lately. Earlier I dreamt of Saeyoung, and now Saeran). We were walking around, then we wd stop and begin to make out. We were walking along near a busy highway (U.S. 19) and we just started hardcore making out, me on top of him on the ground completely sucking face like the rest of the world didnt exist! Lol. As we were in that position a car pulls off the highway and over to us. A woman walks over to us and asks "Do you kids need a ride or something?" It was my aunt. When I stop sucking face w/ Saeran and look up, she sees that it's me and is taken aback. We're both a little embarrassed. I just tell her no and she leaves. Saeran and I get up and continue our walking. I think to myself that I'm going to have to say something to my aunt later. She cant go around offering rides to a couple of strangers like that! She cd pick up a couple of psychos one day and get herself murdered. And short of their fingerprints being both in the international database *and* left in the car, or *maybe* a camera picking up video of them together, then no one will be able to figure out what happened to her! ~ Anyway, I guess Saeran walked me home and then went home himself. I am now at my house (which is actually my mums house. In the dream I'm still living there w/ my mum and sister). My sister Spring is there, as though she had never died. ~ We're inside when a car pulls up out front. She quietly goes to the front porch so our mum who is upstairs wont hear. Her boyfriend is walking up and she's firmly telling him to leave! She's starting to cry and telling him to go away, dont come back! I go to the porch with her to make sure she's okay. He listens and gets back into the white S.U.V. someone drove him here in. I ask her why she's sending him away. Him and her never had any problems.. She cries on my shoulder. It's Mums fault. She doesnt like Derek and wants him gone. She threatened Spring, told her she wont have a place to live anymore if she doesnt leave him (the same thing she told Spring irl abt the baby my mum made her abort). ~ Derek starts to pull off when he gets into the S.U.V. but gets only a few feet away when he changes his mind. He gets back out of the vehicle and starts to come back up to the porch. We live on a dead end street with no street lamps, so it's dark. I see his dark figure coming from around the big tree and I tell Spring not to worry abt it, I'll take care of it. Derek and I get along very well, so I tell him very nicely that he shd just go for now, give Spring a chance to think this over. He ignores me. He comes onto the porch with us and pushes me hard. Gesturing towards the window of one of the bedrooms, he says, "You cleared that room out so Spring and I cd stay in there together! What happened to that?!" I say "Yes, but I have no authority here! Mum said you cdnt move in, not me!" He wdnt accept that answer. He had pushed me off the porch into the yard now. He was getting louder and angrier by the second. Spring came down off the porch and, crying, begged him to stop pushing me. This is when he pushed her. He pushed her hard towards the porch. She stumbles when she hits the porch, falling over and hitting her head on the concrete. She's knocked out. Scared, Derek now leaves. But his anger hasnt been satisfied. You can tell. I go to Spring. ~ Next thing I know, I'm waking up (in the dream). Spring is now in the back seat of a car, her legs up in a fetal position with her shirt wrapped around her legs as if she is trying to keep warm. I see the marks on her head left when she fell. I wonder why the cops and ambulance never showed up. Did I fall asleep waiting for them?! Did they show up but not see us?! Why wdnt I have woken up when they arrived there?! Springs friends are asleep in the front seat of this car. Did they come while we were asleep and put her into the car to keep her warm?! Why wdnt they take her to the hospital?! Why wdnt they wake me?! I dont understand any of this. Spring seems fine now though, she's making little noises in her sleep and moving around a bit. I gently wake her and ask her why Derek was so angry. I ask if he wanted them to live together *that* badly then why cdnt she move in with him?! She doesnt really answer. I ask her for his address so I can go over there and deal with this. She doesnt want to tell me. After some coaxing she says "'s just that it's..." I tell her Idc if he's squatting some place or is some place illegal or whatever. All I want is to talk to him! She finally caves and tells me where he lives. ~ I go to the address. It's kindof like an abandoned building, empty of almost everything, beneath an abandoned bridge. This building is right on top of some dirty water. A big lake? It's not the ocean. Idk. ~ As I enter the building Derek's anger is once again visible. "HOW DO YOU KNOW WHERE I LIVE?! SHE F***ING TOLD YOU?!" I told him she didnt want to, but all I wanted to do was talk to him. He doesnt like this at all. He grabs me, puts my arms behind my back and aggressively walks me to the back of the building. In another room I see another guy and abt 3 or 4 girls. They're all smoking weed. I cant tell what else they're doing, if anything. Derek doesnt want me seen. He wants no witnesses to what he's abt to do. ~ He takes a large silver wrench and hits me in the head with it. I go down. He hits me in the head again. And again. And again. Im dead. My head is a bloody pulp of a mess. He takes my body and drags it to the back of this building he's living in. He walks off to get something. ~ One of the girls sees me. She's not affected in the least. In fact she decides to "help" (what she thinks is helping anyway). She takes a pen and starts writing random phone numbers all over my back. She does this trying to change her handwriting each time so that, in her reasoning, it looks like a bunch of ppl were in on the murder and they (the cops) will never be able to match up the handwriting. When she's done she goes her own way and gets another joint. ~ Derek now returns. Another girl sees him walk to my body. Im dead, I can feel nothing, but it's almost as though my soul hasnt yet left my body. I can still see what's going on around me and I can still think. This girl, unlike the other one, *is* affected. She just stares, slack-jawed. As Derek throws my body on the ground, I will this girl to look. Look closely. See that my body, now flat on the ground, is not breathing. See that my eyes are not blinking, they're just staring off. See the huge dents in my head where all the blood is oozing from! Im not just 'hurt'! I'm dead! I'm praying that she sees everything so she can be a potential witness later on. ~ When Derek had walked off, he had gone to get a saw. He had decided to engage the help of the other guy there. They were debating whether or not they should decapitate me. They wrapped chains around my arms and legs and were going to throw me into the water. But they were discussing taking my head and putting it in cement. It wd harden of course, and no one wd think to look inside a block of cement to see if anything's in there. They reasoned that even if my body were ever found, they wdnt be able to find my head, which wd be an ultimate punishment on our family for not allowing him amd Spring to be together. ~ As the two men are discussing whether or not to decapitate me, my eyes are staring off in one direction. I see a girl open up a fridge (not a normal kitchen fridge but the kind they have in convenient stores to hold drinks.. Im assuming they stole it from some store or whatever). She is wearing a bright red skirt and bright red lipstick. I take note of how vivid the red is. She's sitting on a bench at first, then hops down and open up the fridge. As opposed to grabbing a drink however, she instead lifts up her short skirt and starts grinding on the drinks. She does this for a minute or so before she realizes that she's not going to get the satisfaction she needs from this. So she then walks over to a nearby bed. She undresses and lies down. There are 3 different sex toys, all made for clitoral stimulation. She grabs one that is made of metal knobs that form a cylinder shape. It doesnt do the trick. She grabs another one (it's like 3 fleshy knobs that rotate and massage). She likes this one and does her thing. ~ I think to myself that Spring must have had no idea abt what went on here. She had his address but I bet she never once visited this place. Other girls, sexual stuff going on with no closed doors for everyone else to see, chains and saws lying abt and the way they go abt this murder as if it wasnt their first. I know she didn't know this side of him. And as he begins sawing my head off I think, "she'll tell the cops that I came here to talk to you. When I turn up missing, she'll tell the cops. They'll then come here. And they'll see. They'll piece it all together. Justice will be served." That's the last thought I have as they take my headless, chained, naked body and throw it into the water. As I sink lower and lower, everything goes darker and darker, until it's all black...and it's finally all over..

AI generated interpretation This dream contains a number of intense and disturbing themes, reflecting underlying emotions and fears within the dreamer's subconscious mind. Let's break down some of the key elements and symbols in the dream: 1. Saeran and Physical Intimacy: The presence of Saeran, a character from a video game, and the intense physical intimacy in the dream may reflect a desire for connection and passion in the dreamer's waking life. The steamy make-out session could symbolize a need for emotional and physical closeness. 2. Family Dynamics: The interactions between the dreamer, their sister Spring, and their mother in the dream may point towards underlying tensions or unresolved issues within family relationships. The dreamer's concern for their sister's well-being and the escalating conflict with her boyfriend Derek may reflect a sense of protectiveness and a desire to maintain harmony within the family unit. 3. Violence and Murder: The violent and graphic scenes involving Derek and his ultimate act of murder towards the dreamer symbolize feelings of powerlessness, fear, and vulnerability. This may reflect a sense of being threatened or overwhelmed by external forces in the dreamer's waking life. 4. Abandonment and Betrayal: The dreamer's experience of being left alone and ultimately murdered by individuals they trusted, such as Derek and the other characters in the abandoned building, could signify feelings of betrayal and abandonment in relationships or situations in the waking life. 5. Seeking Justice and Closure: The dreamer's final thoughts about justice being served and the hope that their sister will seek help from the authorities suggest a need for resolution and closure in the face of traumatic events or challenging circumstances. Overall, this dream may be a reflection of the dreamer's inner conflicts, fears, and unresolved emotions surrounding themes of intimacy, family dynamics, violence, and justice. It may be beneficial for the dreamer to explore these themes further in waking life through self-reflection, therapy, or discussing their feelings with trusted individuals.