video game and guns?

Date: 5/16/2017

By deepa

ok so the earlier dreams had smth to do with a HUGE gun like a rifle and somehow im carrying it along.. something happens there some strife n misunderstanding.maybe it wasnt my rifle and i was running with it ok i cant recall this too much... and then theres a video game sort of thing where ive to run away from ppl and im exploring the upper part of a house and everytime i cover a level the stairs freeze up so ive to find an alternate route and also towards the end of the dream im rly small n tiny compared to the ppl.and im in a romantic relationship with one of them without the others noticing it...weird. another dream me and geo are on a bus looking for a specific place smth tan 33 and the gps is lousy OR we got off at an earlier stop and then it starts raining so im rly annoyed and pissed off. we go to some gas station? idk and this older lady welcomes him very happily. im positive a lot more um davin wang was teaching smth and noone was listening except 3 ppl.. and um