A Psych-Unit Romance, a Nudest Beach and a Killer on the Loose

Date: 6/26/2017

By amandalyle

I had started a new job at some sort of communal centre. I thought it was St Margaret's Hospice, but later learned that it was more of a psychiatric unit. My husband was supporting me during the initial introduction. We were both chatting to this lady I work with at St Margaret's. She calmed my nerves before I was thrown into the deep end. I had only been working there awhile, when I struck up a relationship with one of the patients (how very unethical!) and ended up sleeping with him. The sex was mind-blowing - gentle and yet passionate. He was stunning and looked like a combination of actors I fancy. I soon regretting it, when I found out about his violent history. (I had forgotten to read his notes until post-sex!) I tried to make an escape. I needed to get away from this man. He had turned insanely jealous and possessive. Every time I tried to escape, people wearing Minecraft 'cardboard box' heads kept jumping in the way. They would spook me, because I couldn't see if it was him or not. Finally, I managed to exit the building, but when I looked up at the window above, I saw Adventure Time characters crawling out of the TV. This really freaked me out and I ran even faster. Next scene; Tony and I were driving back from somewhere. We were in my car, but for some reason he was driving. He kept driving around in circles and I was growing more aware of the petrol gauge. I'd only just filled up and now it was close to empty. "I need to fill up the car!" I said. We then parked up and we were warned that there was a psycho killer on the loose. I quickly ran into Superdrug, but soon realised that he was in there. I bolted back through the front door and into Claire's accessories. People were in hiding, scared that they were about to get slashed by this mad man. I soon realised that they were letting people out of the back door, but had been tricked; the psycho killer was there in the courtyard. He had black devil wings and hoofs for feet. He was about 10 feet tall and he was hovering over his victim like a crow perching over death. Next scene; I was at a nudist beach, completely naked... funnily enough. I remember looking down at my body and not feeling any shame or embarrassment. (This just wouldn't happen in real life!) Next scene; My father was alive again and he kept laughing this exaggerated laugh. I'm not sure what was so funny, but his mouth - every time he laughed - was three times the size. I remember looking at him, bewildered.