The One With Joey’s Bomb

Date: 5/25/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m in a house (possibly Kaitlyn Ayala’s) and Aunt Buggy, Jen, Jen’s ex, Darien (with platinum blond hair), Jazmyn and Ethan are sitting on a couch having their picture taken. I remember that this is so that they can “prove that there are no hard feelings.” Aunt Buggy looks miserable and I remember that Rachel is pissed about it ... I’m at a backyard party with ex-military or police officers of some kind. There’s a commotion, and they start arresting guys who are hiding in the bushes. One of them (who is supposed to be Joey Delassandro) is caught carrying a bomb that he made (it looks like a firecracker). He thinks it’s funny. One of the other guys who’s being arrested smiles and lights it. Everything starts happening in slow motion. Someone is telling us all to run, and I’m running as hard as I can to get out of range, but it feels like I’m getting nowhere ... We’re up the hill, getting ready to have dinner (which is some sort of weird, pineapple-wrapped meat stew). Renee and I go upstairs (where Aunt Marie supposedly lives) and see all of her pets. She has two betas in a tank together, hamsters in a cage and two weird lizards in a terrarium. I think about how this is odd because Aunt Marie doesn’t really like pets. Renee and I start going through her VHS tapes and I remember that she already gave us the ones that she isn’t saving for Jennifer.