Someone walking in

Date: 2/9/2017

By KayDeeKay

I had a really short burst of sleep paralysis though for this nap. I was a little paranoid that someone at work would need me but I decided to come in on my own time today since I was told I didn't have to come in early. I heard someone knock on my door and walk into my room . I think it was Kate my boss and she must have gotten off of work and decided to see if I was around. I heard her come up to my bed and say I was late and then mumbled something else, but then my brain told me that it wasn't her and someone else instead. I got nervous waiting for who knows, to open my bed curtains on my bunk bed, but I forced myself to move and open my eyes and no one was there . I fell back asleep and had a dream I was inside a video game running through hell