Vivid tornado dream

Date: 5/14/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamed I was in a tornado. Micheal and I were both driving on the road as we looked up we saw a tornado coming our way we were about to drive straight into it. We pulled over and got on the ground covering our heads. The tornado felt so real. The wind came strong trying to pick me up off of the ground. I covered my head trying not to be afraid and manifesting safety for myself. I told myself over and over. "I'm safe" "it's past" and some other things. I ended up not getting picked up. When it passed people's cars were torn up. One guy had a car device that elevated his car above the storm. He clicked a button and it came back down to regular size. I was amazed by that. I was trying to make sure my car wasn't damaged idr if it was or not. We began talking and I was watching the tornado move away from us. I thought what if it came back and sure enough it began rotating back towards us. I tried to warn everyone but they were listening and everytime i warned them the tornado spun a little less. Really vivid and strange