Date: 3/19/2019

By Secret&Mystical

It was the sound of that music. The sound of a terrifying tune that kept playing over and over again. I felt the music. I heard the music. I saw the music. It was as if I became one with the music. I kept playing this old CD. I wanted to memorize the lyrics. There was something about it that was very important. I would take my CD to cafes, home, to church? I remembered taking with my friend Mark. There was something very important he had to tell me. I kept reading his messages... kept trying to understand, kept trying to de-code it. But I couldn’t. I tried so hard and I couldn’t. On my way home from what seemed like school, it was the third time in a row I got to go past these two tall towers. They were covered in blood. I remember the last image. The last bloody incident that painted the walls of these beautiful tall glass buildings. It was the body of Jesus. Dismembered. Pieces of flesh in an array of colors painted the walls, the ceiling, the floors... the overall image of crucified Jesus was marked. His body hanging, leaning against the two tall buildings. Exact replicates of the same image, side by side. Yet, something was weird about these images. The body was cut in half. The overall silhouette of the crucified body was there. Yet, there were no limbs. There was no continuity to the trunk. A large cross-section of his body painted the sky, the air, the floor - the space around these two tall buildings. I could see the dots of the psoas muscles on each side. The spine, the back muscles - cross sectioned into neatly round figures. It was when I got home and my dog would not stop hauling, that I knew something was terribly wrong. He was afraid of the air, afraid of the sky, afraid of the ground he stepped over. He felt it in the air, I felt it in my heart. Something was coming. Something very important was about to happen. What’s the message? What is the information that needs to be de-coded? What do I need to know? Why does this feel SO wrong ?