twisted elementary school

Date: 2/20/2017

By rubyisabel1

Dream #1 I am in elementary school. It is weird because it's kind of like a carnival day. A bunch of celebrities are there and I am dressed gothic. The school I am in looks like a dungeon. I am walking around and I can't find my friends anywhere so I go to the office. I then get homework assignments from a principal. Then when i walk out it is time to go back to class, but I don't go back to class because I thought it was finally my chance to meet more celebrities. I meet Jlo and Steph Curry. Then as I am walking around I get caught and a teacher locks me in a dungeon. I am in trouble for not going to class and for dressing gothic. As I am locked in the dungeon I try to escape. Then suddenly, I hear someone drilling a hole in a wall. It is my dad. Next thing I know is that i was in a car. I was in the car with my dad, brother, robert, and bella. Bella and I were in the front. We both had guns and we were doing drive bys. We we shooting at cars, people, and houses. I was trying to steer the car and shoot at the same time so we were swerving all over the rode.Then bella and I switch seats with my brother and robert so that we we were now in the back and robert, angel, and my dad were in the front. It was their turn to do the drive bys. Then all of a sudden we hear sirens behind us and we park are car and hide the guns under the blanket that were on top of bella and I. We are at a gas station. Bella and I were pretending that we had nothing to do with the shooting and were acting like we were scared. So the police officer doesn't arrest us and only arrests angel, my dad, and robert. After they got arrested I woke up.