The One With the Stranger Things Cast

Date: 5/16/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m walking around in some kind of downtown area when I see Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Will from Stranger Things (the actors, not the characters) sitting on a bench and looking exhausted. I say something in their general direction, and Will perks up and has a whole conversation with me ... Suddenly, I’m in a car, speeding down the street. I end up on a dark stage. Matt Volkens is directing me, Taylor and some other people on where to stand. I start to sing “Living Hope.” Now I’m off the stage and walking around what appears to be a Victoria’s Secret, but I can still hear Manny singing “Here Again.” I watch as an older lady and her daughter start hitting each other. Security immediately tells them they have to leave. Rose appears beside me and I laugh as I tell her everything that just happened.