The One With “The Goonies” Trilogy

Date: 6/8/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m in a dark room, and what’s supposed to be a sequel to “The Goonies” is on. I catch the end, where all the characters are getting together and they look over a big hill to see hundreds of guys (all of them are named Liam and something else). The third “Goonies” movie starts shortly after, and I remember that this one takes place in the ice age ... Kailyn and I are in my tent at night (she’s sleeping over). She’s telling me about how Nicole can do weird stuff with her ears, and shows me a video of Nicole making her ears wiggle all over the place. I laugh and say, “You know, Kailyn, you really should hang out with people other than Nicole” (making fun of what Matt Volkens said to her in real life). She rolls her eyes and laughs really hard. I say, “The good thing is that you have two Nicole’s that you hang out with, and you can just tell him you’re with Nicole Zdzieba all the time, too.” Suddenly, I’m standing in my closet and looking down at my tent. I see roaches all over it. I start injecting them with some kind of poison and picking them off the tent with napkins. I see that little gnats and mosquitos are getting in the tent, but I don’t care. I start getting my bed ready, but I look up and realize there are huge holes in the tent. Kailyn is suddenly replaced with Hillary, who laughs at me and gives me a sheet of paper to cover the biggest hole with. I grab the red duct tape and start patching the holes.