Keeping up with the Kardashians

Date: 1/17/2017

By amandalyle

I was at the swimming pool with my mum. Tessa farrow (from back in high-school) was there. My mum made a joke and she laughed along. Next scene; My mum was moaning about how sad it was that people were getting so 'emotionally involved' with the Kardashians, whilst I tried to conceal my tears. The Kardashian family were packing up all their belongings and moving out of their childhood home - it was a sad day. As I walked passed the Kardashians themselves, I spotted my mum by a water feature. She was being judged by two older lady's for not wearing a poppy. I found one on the ground and asked if it belonged to anyone - it didn't. One of the ladies said "throw it away!" But my mum pinned it to her jacket and said, "I've got one now!" Next scene; I was on a date with this overly 'camp' guy. He was so clumsy and nervous he was making me nervous too. It was a complete disaster. Next scene; I was taking selfies with my iPhone. To my surprise, my face kept changing into other faces - prettier ones - flawless - like you the one's you see on Instagram. I felt pleased with myself. Next scene; "I like to eat weetabix!" I said. "Oh, don't eat that. It's a red food!" Kylie said. "Oh great! What can I bloody eat?" I sighed.