malaysia and indian club

Date: 5/30/2017

By deepa

so somehow me n geo r stayinf in this little villa thing in malaysia but literally at the edge at the border its likr we dont even bother going in..but its just one night and on the bus back we see lena koh or I see lena koh and her hairs shorter and i basically run away from her seeing me. and then um brenna texts me that she cant meet me yet so im kinda homeless for a while and then we r in the club but theres like literally 2 ppl there dancing and we only get 3 free drinks vs the usual of 6 when i come with my other friend so im kinda disappointed and only indian ppl r flooding in and when ee leave i check my phone and see two indian guys saying they saw me at the club and i take the longest time to figure out who they are and so my dreaming subconscious came up woth a backstory for one of them. his nsme was pandeep or smth honestly idk anyone which suvh a name and also just funny.