morning cock up

Date: 3/4/2017

By deepa

so i woke up from a Rly deep sleep and my sister interrupted my thoughts so ive forgottwn majority of my dreams lets just blame her... but some part of it had a Lot of charaxters like must be some record high for pulling all of these ppl from my subconscience wow...there were lot of primary school indian ppl like rajes and some juniors and we were all in my moms friends house and at some point wveryones gettimg ready to leave..i think i almost flood the toilet and i ask my sister if shes seen my contact lens solution and i yell so many times and emphasize it but she says she doesnt know what it is im like huh?? cus i try to put my contact in and it shrivelled up and i think it increased its size 100fold...its strange then another part i think we all leave i think im with geo? and some small boy? and at some point i make him hold all the shopping and im lik3 huh wait maybe i shud help the boy bhahaha...and then we get on a bus? celines there? idkk.....thats about all i remember its all sort of gone