Never leave home without ID

Date: 5/10/2019

By sheeprus

This dream all hinges on me not wearing my medicAlert bracelet and for some reason not knowing where I lived. It was the middle of the night and I decided to go roller skating. I push off and find myself out of control and can’t stop. For some reason I live in a giant hilly area. So I’m going up and down these giant hills and picking up speed. Finally decided enough is enough and put on some sort of brakes. I slow down enough to plow into my car. As I’m picking myself up, I come across a lady selling something (never figured it out). I then get the beginnings of a migraine where I’m seeing bright lights and everything is jumping in my vision. Then we are on a head on car collision and the woman bails from her car and I’m thrown against a dirt wall. As were walking back to her office so I can take some salt pills, she asks me a question and I say it all started with the stupid decision not to wear my bracelet. Creepy real life thing: I took my bracelet off last night to do something and didn’t put it back on which I normally do. First thing in the am that’s what I’m doing.