Spidery Creatures Crawling Out of my Fake Tan 🕷

Date: 6/10/2017

By amandalyle

I was at the beach. There was a huge pile of suitcases dangling over a cliff edge. They were all stacked on top of each other. There was a man laying on the very top of them. As I walked closer, I could see that the guy was Dexter. Suddenly, all his suitcases popped open and when I walked over to help, he said "Noooo, stand back!" He was hiding something. Next scene; every time I put some fake tan on, these red spidery looking creatures kept popping out of the bottle and then multiplied. They were crawling all over the floor, growing bigger and bigger. I ran out of the room screaming. Next scene; I had taken my son, Alex, to the swimming pool. He ran off without me and I found him chatting to these old ladies about Legoland. "Alex, come over here!" I called. We then met granny in the pool. As she chatted to me, I realised that she had a tooth missing. It was really off-putting. "So, is Phoebe coming with her friend?" She asked. "God knows, she barely talks to me these days!" I replied. Next scene; I was buying some chips from a van. A cheeky Welsh guy kept saying they were the best chips in town. "Okay, I'll try them!" I said. Next scene; I was shopping with Liz in Primark. I kept finding bits of Lego in with the clothes and stashing them into my pockets. Liz was looking at these teeny-tiny playsuits. "These would look so cute on you!" She said. "I don't know about that!" I replied. "They'd look better on you!"