Christmas lights

Date: 4/30/2017

By Palomino

I moved into a new apartment. I was supposed to hook up the cable-phone-internet myself using a special string of Christmas lights. One end plugged into the wall in my apartment and the other plugged into a jack on the roof of the building next door. This building was six stories tall. My apartment was ground floor. I went up there and plugged the Christmas lights in and started running them down the stairs. The stairway ended at the second floor and I had to climb out a window onto a metal railing, shimmy along to the next window, and swing myself back inside the building. I did so, much to the amazement of the people in that room. They gave me a round of applause. I ran the string of lights downstairs again and over to my apartment . . . They were three feet too short. Luckily, my new neighbor arrived just then with a plateful of cookies for me. She explained that I was hooking everything up wrong and showed me how to do it with a small network cable instead. I yanked down the Christmas lights and we ate cookies.