A Never Ending Dream of Pure Strangeness... and a Cameo Appearance from Kim Kardashian! 🍑

Date: 4/13/2017

By amandalyle

There was a knock at my door, I answered it and recognised the guy staring back at me. It was this guy called Ben Evans who my husband once worked with. He was looking as handsome as ever. He handed me a child (did we have a child together?) and he reached over to give me a kiss. It wasn't just a peck, it was one that made me a little bit excited. For a moment, I became lucid (this just wouldn't happen in real life!) ... but I wouldn't allow it. Instead, I suppressed it, and went along with the dream. Next scene; *Reality note* I had set this dream alarm on my new iPhone app 'LucidDreamer' This app plays music once you are dreaming to enable you to distinguish that it is just a dream and therefore become lucid. I could hear the music within my dream and my husband said "what a stupid bloody idea is that!" I fumbled around to turn it off. Then Phoebe was shouting at her brother Maxi and being particularity horrible to him. I tried to yell at her but my voice came out in a whisper. She went up to her room in the end and slammed her door. I muttered "stop it or I'll cut your... fruit!" And giggled. "Like what I did there?" I asked Mat, but he had already fallen asleep. Next scene; I was at the cinema with kylie and her mum. Her mum was being loud and embarrassing (as usual!) and she was going around collecting sweets in a tub ...even though she hadn't paid for them! Kylie's stepdad gave her a bollocking, but she didn't listen, she just grabbed more and more sweets. Kylie was sat at a table in the bar area, smoking and drinking alcohol. The smoke blew into my face, but I didn't fancy one. After the film (which was a Chick Flick, apparently!) I was talking to this guy who told me that he used to be thin and handsome. Even though he was greying and a little podgy around the midriff, I could see that he would have been a handsome guy (he reminded me of an older Max from MTV Catfish) ....until he reached inside his mouth and took his front teeth out and showed me his gummy smile. I was mortified. Next scene; Kim kardashian was in my house and I was looking after her daughter (who weighed a flipping ton!) but she was adorable. Kim was really shy and didn't say much. I found her quite cold. When she took North to feed her, she was bottle feeding her but had both her breasts out on show. They looked nasty and fake like Josie Cunningham's NHS Boobs. Next scene; The stop smoking preacher man invaded a picnic. He preached at a woman for 15 minutes and, as soon as she walked away, she lit up a cigerette. To which, he tore it out of her mouth and stubbed it on the floor: "what a waste!" I said to Mat. "That's like 55p!" I continued. "I know!" He said. He was getting angry. Suddenly, everyone started to shout "that's not fair!" And they went charging after him. Mat was caught up in it all and I slipped away. I wanted to get back home. On my walk back, hundreds of people were coming out of the church. There must have been a wedding. The weirdest thing about it, was that I recognised everyone from different walks of my life. School, previous jobs etc... "someone I know must be getting married!" I thought. When I looked back down the road, I saw that the smoking guy was now hypnotising people. "With any luck, he will help Mat quit his habit" I thought... but no such luck, he was walking up the road behind me, scrolling through his iPhone. When I got home, I was greeted by Mat's sister, who had shrunk down to midget size. I tried to give her a hug, but she was very cold: mat's mum was more welcoming and had made me a birthday cake (it must have been my birthday?) and she took a photo of me with the cake. "Oh, I wasn't ready!" I said. She then showed me last year's picture which was even worse. I looked like a stroppy teenager. "Haha! I look like Phoebe does MOST of the time!" I laughed. Next scene; it was later on in the evening and Kylie and Alex were there. We must have been celebrating my birthday still. I was drinking this huge goblet of beer, but really struggling. Mandy doesn't like beer 😳 Next scene; I was at a Natural Heath shop looking around. I had some jade stones in my hand and I was rubbing them in my fingers. "There's a really great natural health book!" kylie said. "This one?" I asked, pulling out a book from the shelf. "No, not that one!" All of a sudden, the place turned into my mums front room (which wasn't actually her front room) and she had laid things out to sell. There wasn't much stuff and I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Had she died? I sat on the bed and sobbed quietly, whilst people walked around looking at her things.