Collecting Monsters and Lunching with my Deceased Father

Date: 7/26/2017

By amandalyle

I was walking around collecting monsters in this alternative universe. It was like a rip-off version of Pokemon Go, but instead of scanning them, we had to go over and physically hug them. They were monsters I had seen in films and recognised (Monsters Inc's Mike, for example!) but when I got up closer, they had slightly different facial features and they were looking rather uncanny. I didn't like it, it spooked me a little. Next scene; I was pinning famous monuments onto this huge map. It took me what felt like forever, but when I had completed it, I wondered where I could put such an eyesore. Next scene; I was in the pub waiting for my mum to turn up. Chloe Ferry (from Geordie Shore) was there and everyone was commenting on how old she looked in real life. "Do I really look 34?" she gasped. "Yes, with all this plastic surgery you do!" someone at the table replied. I agreed. My mum turned up a little while later and I made space around the table. To my surprise, my dad also made an appearance, despite being dead for over 7 years. I didn't react. It was like this was the norm. He looked much younger, too, and I noticed that he had some new rings to his sovereign collection. I'm quite sure there was an emerald green one (which links to a novel I am currently writing!)