scary mom

Date: 2/9/2017

By deepa

so not sure where exactly it starts but some where someones teaching me about some cards and religion or smth? and i decide im a christian by social perspective or smth liddat(that was the name given) ive no idea..and then i remember walking to a far away busstop n bump into my some point we decide to go bsck home to get smth? and theres me my sister n another person who i assume is another sibling we suddenly had. i feel like the lift cocked up so we took some stairs and when we reached the hosue everyone just stood there noone wanted to take out their keys but it was strange cus i was standing infront of our house and the other 2 were standimg infront of the house next door so i was like?? and then my sister explained that we sold it n moved recently and i walk over to the old house n look thru the window n see that its differently furnished. idk why but i guess the door was open n basically we broke in or not broke in but we walked around it n saw what we left behind n such like my fav door mat... and saw how the walls were diff its weird walking round some strangers house... and then we realised how their living room was huge cus it wasnt for us.. anyway after that idk how i think my mother joined us in this house or maybe its our new house which had a nice view of some cable cars and the sun set ans i was trying to snapchat some television program where there were two moons. also maybe our view(the window) was just a tv screen. we r waiting to do some chinese new year count down..its strange and then at somw poont i snapchat trump all bloody n shit doing a metal song...and then my mother i guess gets some beef bolognese and she eats it with her hand and i tell her what the hell cant u use a fork?? and she gets so riled up she gets so pissed she hurts me? she puts a bit of the pasta in my mouth with some of my hair n my tshirt from my groinish area and i hate that and then i try n punch her stomach to atop her obviously n i punch her face but shes fatter so shes kind of on top of me and her face is so close to mine and so i try n bite her face and her mouth is so gross from ghe oasta ans like she hasnt brushed int years n like bloody idk and she puts her tongue with my tongue its literally from evil dead or smth and my sister is beside watching but she doesnt see my view of my crazy mother properlyso i twll her come here come to my side look at her being insane!! and she literally shifts an inch to my side making no diff im so mad but its full on possession or smth on my mothers part. basically i hate it