My friend's husband a murderer? 😳

Date: 1/31/2017

By amandalyle

There had been a killing in my hometown. Two gay men had gone missing and were expected dead. I had planned to go to my friend's house, so I parked up and she lead me in through the back. I'd never been this way before and didn't even realised that we could through the back. As I walked down the garden path, there were black bags everywhere. I thought this was a bit strange, but didn't really question it ...until I entered the house and I could see legs sticking out one of the bags. There were dead bodies in the black bags! Every time I stood over them, I would hear bones crushing beneath my feet - but still, I didn't let on to Ash that I knew. "It must be Aksen!" I thought (my friend's husband) "Ash wouldn't do a thing like that!" She invited me in and we started to do some colouring with felt tips while Ash's baby played happily. It was as if everything was as normal and there were no dead bodies in her living room at all. Next scene; I was doing a Jewish dance with my son when I heard a noise. When I looked, a picture of my dad and me had fallen off the shelf and shattered. "I wonder what this means?" I pondered, and then I saw a letter which I was unable to read...although I tried. I was then Looking for paint lid. There was a paint tin exposed - I was worried the kids would knock it over. I looked high and low but had no luck. Next scene; I was lost trying to get to Bridgwater. I tried to go the usual way, but I crashed into a large black net. I tried to get through it but a force pulled me back and , instead, I had to climb over a wall and take a detour. I found my way in the end, reaching a random house where a package arrived for Mat - "Not another bloody guitar!" I laughed. There were other things for Mat too, and a stack of pictures. One of the pictures was of my friend Tony and Me. I looked at it and a random guy came over and asked if I was sad. I said "yes, I am sad!" and then he said "My favourite picture is the dog!"