Henry Hoover, Ketchup stained jumpers and a drunk Jeremy Kyle

Date: 3/6/2017

By amandalyle

I was packing up my Henry Hoover to give to my friend kylie....Even though I love it and it's my pride and joy. When I walked into her kitchen to give it to her, I saw that she was packing her daughter's lunchbox. It was crammed-packed with junk food. "Umm, kid. I think you're over feeding her!" I said, but Kylie got all defensive. While she was out of the room, I saw some letters stashed in a box. As it turned out, she had been contacting a guy called Rob (Boyland) from school. I confronted her and she was honest, but said nothing was in it. I ended up having a walk around outside (not sure why?) and my teeth felt funny. The front teeth were held in by some sort of denture and it kept wobbling. I had to keep it place by holding my tongue there. I saw Cassey Jackson (again, from school) minus her dreadlocks, she had now dyed her hair mermaid blue. She was with her boyfriend. A hobo looking guy. I followed them. When we got back to her house, a scene unfolded... The boyfriend had overdosed and needed immediate medical attention, but nothing was being done. He was just left to bleed on the floor. Next scene; Jeremy Kyle was drunk and being hugely inappropriate to a young Chavvy guest. He kept climbing on top of her and rolling off the sofa. She kept calling him 'darling' and pulling him back up. "What the hell is going on?" I thought. "Where's the jezza I know?!" Next scene; We were off a family adventure. We passed a big building that looked familiar "we've been there before!" I said "it's Centre Parcs!" But Mat wasn't having any of it and disagreed. Typical man. I was staying in a dorm room - but, to my horror, all of my jumpers had been marked with ketchup. Every time someone walked in, I kept doing the crucifix on the bed. "I'm just doing a Jesus!" I said. People kept sliding down this strange 'makeshift' slide and under the bed there was a pile of unsmoked cigerettes alight. I tried to breathe in the fumes - I was craving.