The One With the Single-Rider Car

Date: 9/6/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m in a garage with Rose, Milton, an old man and someone else. The old man is giving us a ride (to the backyard of the house we’re at) because Rose is pregnant. She’s already in the car, so I open the door to find that it’s a one-person car. I’m super confused, and then I remember that it’s self-driving. The old man tells me that this isn’t the car we’re taking, and someone else drives up in a convertible that we all get into. I worry that we won’t fit ... I’m at what’s supposed to be John and Gina’s house. There are a couple of ugly poodles and a bunch of people I don’t recognize. One older, frazzled-looking lady tells the story of how she found out her dad had passed away when she walked into her office and “everyone grinned.”