school bus fight

Date: 3/17/2017

By thehumblegoddess

Dreamed I was on a bus with kala. We were sitting in our seat talking. The lady in front of us threw a bowl of cherrios and milk over the seat onto the floor. I turned around and snapped at her and said hey bitch this isn't a trash can u can't just throw shit over here. She had a child next to her. She said I don't have anywhere else to throw it. I turned around and kept talking to Kala and some other coworkers. Mickey is in the seat across from me. The lady puts an empty cup above my seat and then drops it. I got even more mad. Though I felt calm on the inside I was expressing anger to her. I said ur trying to irritate me well U got it I'm irritated so wassup? She looked at me and had a smirk on her face like That's what she wanted all the time. I thought in my head is she gonna fight me? On cue she gets up and backs up. And squares up. I square up too. Mickey gets up like she's going to stop the fight but she doesn't. The girl holds both of my hNds and somehow has another hand to punch me in the face. I somehow get her in a headlock and start punching her. I then start waking up and I'm half awake trying to punch her but it's hard to move my hands. I'm straining so much that I give myself a headache and wake up