Billie, divorce, snuggling, etc...

Date: 7/27/2019

By leusid

Some rural Latin American town, lots of ladders. Locals could somehow just fall the length of the ladder and catch themselves at the end. Billie Eilish had played a show there recently lol. Was about to I guess leave my spouse who I've been with for nearly ten years (we've been having real relationship strain for the first time this past year because I realized I was trans and have started transitioning, but anyway) and there was this shitty not-real song playing with these lyrics: "There's nooothiiing to feeear.... So whyyy aaam I heeere... (repeat?) ...... without you?" And anyway when it got to that last bit I had just parked in the shade at the top of a small hill with my potential energy, ready to take off whenever, i guess, and I got filled with panic that actually woke me up 😩 Went back to sleep and a lot more happened... Talked about how my brother and sister in law raised their standards of going out and now pay at least $50 every time lol (not real, far as I know), there was something about old pictures in North Carolina that we never picked up, uhh..... Oh I ended up snuggling pretty intimately with my good friend and was concerned about whether it would be considered cheating, but I decided it would be fine lol. Snuggling is too compelling. I think we might have also been fairly naked lol but pretty sure nothing sexual was going on lol.